Right to Research

We, the undersigned student organizations, hereby endorse Open Access as the preferred model for scholarly communication, because:

(a)    Open Access improves the educational experience. All students, regardless of their institution’s ability to afford subscriptions, should have access to the full scholarly record, whether for assigned reading, research for a term paper, or literature review for a dissertation.

(b)    Open Access democratizes access to research.  Students from around the world should have full access to the scholarly literature, along with patients looking for medical information and citizens seeking to learn about the environment or other scientific topics.

(c)    Open Access advances research.  Open Access helps researchers be more productive by facilitating access to the latest studies. Open Access also enables new techniques for computer-assisted research, paving the way for scientific advancements.

(d)    Open Access improves the visibility and impact of scholarship. Today’s student is tomorrow’s scholar. Recent studies suggest that Open Access articles are downloaded and cited more frequently than articles that are accessible only through subscription.8 Open Access fulfills researchers’ professional responsibility to maximize the impact of their research.

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