Wiley’s Open Education

Thanks to johnroder@del.icio.us (for the pointer), I also have signed up for David Wiley‘s IP&T 692R Introduction to Open Education class. Mr. Wiley's Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University, Chief Openness Officer of Flat World Knowledge, and Founder of the Open High School of Utah. In an intriguing move, he’s modeled the coursesomewhat after RPGs, where course “credit” (whatever that means in thismodel) depends on class- and guild-dependent quests. There are four character classes:

  1. The Artisan has digital materials production skills in all thenecessary Web 1.0 and 2.0 tools of open publishing and open educationlike HTML, video sharing, podcasting.
  2. The Bard is the Master of Lore, and is versed in the history, people,and politics of the field of open education. The Bard knows what openeducational resources are “out there” as well as what’s availablewithin the university.
  3. The Merchant deals with short-term and long-term sustainability issues and business models relating to open education projects.
  4. The Monk is a student of copyright and licensing arcana and defender of the university brand.

Rather naturally, I will play an Artisan. Course-related material will be posted here.

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