It’s probably me

Here's a short list of some bands I'm currently semi-obsessed with or increasingly interested in (not the very latest innovations; note the variety inherent to a "nerdy little bowtied fissiparous creature" – go to the ODE for that one*). OK, it's just a nearly uninteresting personal chronological note/reference, but perhaps some acquaintances would look at it with some degree of curiosity.

As Tyler Cowen usually says, many of our reasons for rejecting some musical genres are – in aesthetic terms – purely identity-driven, unjustified & silly. The very best of just about any genre usually is quite good. Acquiring some taste for new genres is often a result of our natural & desirable personal evolution, as some new ideas will help us to understand & value cultural backgrounds and motivations. But it's best to be determined to downplay the identity-driven factors to make ourselves more open to new genres.

  1. Explosions in the Sky: rock instruments for non-rock purposes [The Only Moment We Were Alone, from the album The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place; live performance];
  2. Absynthe Minded: belgians mixing music of thirties jazz, with a touch of funky soul, Balkan beats and Merseyside pop [Acquired Taste];
  3. Isis: metal, post-rock [Backlit, from the album Panopticon; live performance – Sweden, 2005];
  4. Boris: drone doom, psychedelic thrash, garage [Naki Kyoku, from the album "Akuma No Uta"; live performance];
  5. Earth: americana, psychedelic rock, folk rock, drone doom, gospel [The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull, live performance – Paris, 2008].

* For that matter, there's a very interesting weblog dedicated touncommon words the vast majority of us mortals have somewhat "learned"from David Foster Wallace books.


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