(Late) “Formal” Intro.

Hi, my name is Gladstone, though most of my friends affectionately call me "Glads". Currently I'm living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with Regina and my 14 months old daughter Beatrix.

I'm an electrical engineer (with a masters degree), though I wish I had become a real scientist instead. I'm a compulsive learner who has spent many sleepless nights chasing around links in everything2 and wikipedia. I suffer from a sort of Leonardo da Vinci complex, so making an exhaustive list of things that deeply interest me will just further distract me from doing the things I'm actually supposed to do during the day.

Progressively obsessed about social media to the point I often can't fathom not working on it, although not having a traditional pedagogy or computer science education. I hope to be both helpful to those less knowledgeable than me and illustrative to the really smart people trying to understand the mentality of a common man trying to tackle social media and its applications. I’m also hoping that having a formal, public record of my (future) "social media and education" work will force myself into being more organized and carrying through the end of more projects — as well as forcing me to be more “documentative”, given my aspie-ish tendency to leave things as inscrutable pieces of history that I myself can’t unravel after a few months. I hope this is a worthwhile trip for myself.

I’d ask that grammar slips and bad english style are not only forgiven, but pointed out and corrected. English is not my first language, and while I’m very comfortable reading and participating in online chatrooms with it, I haven’t written large chunks of argumentative text in a while — and a lot could be corrected in my portuguese writing style as well!

You may also want to begin a conversation by emailing me as gladstone at gmail.com or via online communites such as Orkut, del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Last.FM, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Popego, and Storytlr.

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